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The mission of Rescue is to provide help to homeless Vizslas and also to those individuals needing to surrender their Vizsla. We use to operate under the VCA’s non-profit status and have recently applied for our own 501c3 non-profit status! We expect to receive our confirmation letter in a few months.

We maintain a close relationship with shelters in our area and are happy to work with other rescue groups as well. Our work is all about the dogs that need our help rather than giving time to human differences.

All dogs in the program receive an exam including a heartworm test and are up to date on inoculations. They are also spayed and neutered. We pass any information we have on a given dog to the prospective owner. The object is to keep no secrets and place the dogs in the best home for them given their background and personality.

Occasionally we get a special needs dog and we work very hard to make sure they are placed appropriately. Thankfully, there are caring individuals in the world that are willing to take on a dog with a health, age or behavioral issue.

We endeavor to stay in the black while accomplishing our work. Generous donations from people and companies help us to ensure the care needed for these wonderful dogs. For information on donating, please click on the Donate link above.


The Southern California Vizsla Rescue rehomes Vizslas that need a good loving home. Unfortunately we cannot take aggressive Vizslas or dogs that have separation anxiety. Our rescues must live in homes with families that have dogs, children, and work during the day. If you have a Vizsla that has aggression or anxiety then we suggest that you contact a behaviorist and consultant with your veterinarian. If you need a referral, we would be happy to email you referrals.

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