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Who We Are

The Southern California Vizsla Rescue members have been very active in serious rescue work for many years. We strongly support rescue efforts while also being very involved in showing in conformation, field work, agility, tracking, obedience, rally obedience, and canine freestyle.

How did SCVR get its start
The Southern California Vizsla Rescue was started in 2008 because no VCA club would handle the rescues in Southern California. Although we are not ‘show’ people, the national VCA asked Julie King if she would run the rescue under their umbrella. They needed someone to handle the huge amount of rescues in Southern California. In 2012, a local club decided it would like to run a rescue, however the volunteers at SCVR wanted to continue to maintain a rescue. Over the years, we have saved hundreds of vizslas and we want to make sure there is always a rescue operating in Southern California.

Where The Vizslas Come From
In most cases our dogs are owner surrenders. Many circumstances can cause a dog to need a new home. Those are often lifestyle changes due to work, divorce, or children, a move or transfer, or a death in the family. We occasionally get a dog from a shelter situation, but the bulk are from owners that didn't realize how active a Vizsla can be.

What Sorts of Vizslas Do We Get
We do not regularly get puppies into the rescue program. Most are over a year of age and some can be over 5 years of age. A Vizsla is really a puppy until at least 3 years of age and becomes even better at 5 - 7 years old. Vizslas have a long life span and it isn't unusual to hear of 14 year old Vizsla still demanding a daily walk.

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